A picture of a cocktail Robot

Fun Projects

Wii-Remote hacking

The Linux Laptop Orchestra at Virginia Tech introduced a new wearable controller in 2019 that consolidates the Nintendo Wii Remote, MotionPlus extension, and Nunchuk into a wearable controller. The desired improvements were to:

  • make the controller wearable;
  • enable independent arm motion;
  • increase expressivity;
  • reduce the controller’s footprint, and
  • maintain low-cost scalability.
L2Orkmote Wearable Controller
A set of L2OrkMotes

The takeaway design principles for the design process were:

  • Hardware robustness for increased longevity.
  • Design simplicity for fabrication feasibility.
  • Symmetrical pattern for balanced handedness.
  • Modular design for the use and reuse of commercial sensors.

The Barwin cocktail robot

A picture of a cocktail Robot
Barwin Robotic Cocktail Maker

Barwin, a cocktail machine that uses an evolutionary algorithm to refine cocktails for its users.

Source code: algorithm and web interface, control interface.

Original team: Marcel Jira, Peter Regner, Peter Reschenhofer, Kyriakos Tsoukalas, and Jakob Unterwurzacher.